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Volunteer Application

Application Process

The application process for Volunteer Program includes completion of the application, reference checking and interviews.

Prior to completing the application we ask that you take some time to read two essays by Thurman E. Scott, the Artistic Director and Founder of the Actors Theatre Workshop and Mr. Scott's professional biography. The essays will provide you with a greater understanding of the creative foundation upon which ATW was built. Mr. Scott's biography will help place the curriculum and what you will learn in the class into a broader theatre context. These essays and their links can be found on our website:
Essay Questions:
The essay questions in this application were designed to illuminate situations that unfold in the process of creation. Within creative process, individuals open themselves to the uniqueness that exists within all human beings. Creative process illuminates your individual gifts and integrates them into every day expression. This helps you give to the world, and extend your own uniqueness.

Application Submission Details

Please complete the requested contact information, provide two references, and answer the questions below. The application may be submitted online, emailed, submitted by fax to 212-947-0642, or mailed to:

The Actors Theatre Workshop
145 W. 28th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
Attn: Volunteer Application

If you fax or mail your application, please include your resume. If you are emailing the application or submitting it online, we have provided space for you to include it electronically.

If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your application within two days of submission, please contact us at, or call us at (212) 947-1386 x 0. After reviewing your application and contacting your references, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Contact Information

Title: First Name*: Middle Initial:
Last Name*:
Address: City: State:
Zip: Country:
Address while at ATW:(If different than above): City: State:
Home Phone Number: Cell Phone Number*:
NY Area Phone Number: Fax Phone Number: Email*:
Alt Email: Skype ID:
* Please note that we have encountered problems sending information to Hotmail and AOL accounts, if you have an account with one of these internet providers please add our email address: to your address book in order to ensure that you receive emails from us.

Earliest possible start date*: - -   (mm-dd-yy)
End Date*: - -   (mm-dd-yy)
Days and times you are available*:
Periods you are not available*:
(e.g., you are out-of-town)

Emergency Contact Information

Name:   Relationship:
Address:   Phone Number:


Please list two references that we may contact; one must be Professiona l Supervisor from a current or former job, internship or volunteer experience.
Name*:   Name*:
Relationship*:   Relationship*:
Title*:   Title*:
Company*:   Company*:
Phone*:   Phone*:
Email*:   Email*:

How did you hear about us?*
Please be as detailed as possible below, as it will greatly assist in our outreach efforts. For instance, if this was through the Internet, please list the web site and search engine below. Did someone personally refer you to us? If so, who?

Expertise & Interests

Please check all areas of expertise, talents and resources that you feel you can contribute to ATW.*
Accounting/Bookkeeping Marketing/Public Relations Production Tech - Costume/Wardrobe
Archival Office Skills Production Tech - Make-up
Carpentry Photography Videography - Filming/Editing
Computer Skills Production Tech - Lights Other
Contractor/Electrician Production Tech - Props Research
Fundraising Production Tech - House Manager Transcription
Grant Writing Production Tech - Stage Manager
Graphic Design Production Tech - Food Service

Other     Please specify:


Please copy and paste your resume here.

Please answer the following questions.

Please expand on your background, any talents, skills and resources that you feel could contribute to the management and mission of ATW and why you would like to be considered for an volunteer position at ATW.

In preparation for the interview, and so we may begin to get to know you, please answer the following questions. These questions are meant to challenge you creatively and to address some of the issues that unfold throughout the creative process.
What long-term processes have you previously been committed to outside of your professional responsibilities? Please describe the challenges you encountered and how you met those challenges.*

What is your ideal in life? What do you want to accomplish? What is it about this opportunity that you imagine will contribute to that ideal?*

What qualities in yourself do you want to develop, and are you willing to go beyond what you perceive to be your limitations?*

Are you prepared to open up to new discoveries and possibilities about yourself and the world? Are you ready to give yourself time to develop these possibilities and to commit to a process of learning?*

Additional Considerations
Please indicate any special concerns that you would like to communicate to us.