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BNW Graduation 2009

The most profound longing of human beings – – their primal drive – – is to integrate their mission and action in life. We want to do what we dream about. Everyone wants to be happy and prosper. Most of all, our greatest longing is to contribute something relevant to our families and the broader community. Through service and contributing the best of what you have to offer to an individual or situation, you give something of yourself that is lasting, thereby extending your essence in the world.

Thurman E. Scott

Become an ATW Volunteer
We operate an extensive volunteer program through which you can get involved and use your talents, expertise and commitment to truly make a difference! We welcome your professional expertise in all areas – – marketing, management, accounting, IT fundraising, law, design, video editing, electrical and carpentry work. These are some of the areas of expertise that we seek to help advance the mission of our organization.

Become an ATW Intern
Become a part of the leadership team at ATW and learn “hands on” what it takes to run a non-profit arts organization that makes a difference in the community and the world.

Read the heartwarming words of our volunteers and interns as they reflect on their experiences at ATW.

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