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Application Process

The application process for the Non-Profit Business Management/Leadership Training Program Internship includes completion of the application, reference checking and interviews.Prior to completing the application we ask that you take some time to read two essays by Thurman E. Scott, the Artistic Director and Founder of the Actors Theatre Workshop and Mr. Scott’s professional biography. The essays will provide you with a greater understanding of the creative foundation upon which ATW was built. Mr. Scott’s biography will help place the curriculum and what you will learn in the class into a broader theatre context. These essays and their links can be found on our website:

Please complete the requested contact information, provide two references, and answer the questions below.

If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your application within two days of submission, please contact us at , or call us at (212) 947-1386 x 0. After reviewing your application and contacting your references, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Contact Information
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Academic Information
Name of School : School Address :
Status (Freshman, Sophomore, ...Grad) : No. of years attending so far :
Major Field of Study : Minor (if applicable) :
Degrees Completed : Date of Graduation (or expected date ):

We offer internships that range from four to eighteen months. This is a full-time internship program (40 + hours per week). ATW will work with each intern to determine a weekly schedule (including days, evenings or a combination of both) that accommodates both our need and the applicant's availability.

Because of the considerable time and energy required to train each intern to take over positions of responsibility and leadership, preference may be given to applicants with longer time commitments.

To be considered for a time commitment that is less than 40 hours a week or less than 4 months, a special request needs to be made in your cover letter detailing the circumstances. Only serious proposals will be considered. If you are unsure of dates and hours of commitment, please estimate.

Earliest possible start date(required) :
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Days and times you are available(required) :
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Schedules will be set on a weekly basis. Interns will have two days off during the week with the exception of Saturdays. It is very important that Interns are available to work on Saturdays since this is a full staff day when we meet and plan for the week ahead.

Please list two references that we may contact; they must be Professional Supervisors from a current or former job, internship or volunteer committee. For recent graduates and applicants attending school, in the third column please include the name and contact information of your Dean of School or your Academic Advisor/Professor as a reference so we may also contact them prior to and during your internship to give updates and evaluations.
Name: Relationship: Title:Company:Phone: Email:
Name: Relationship: Title:Company:Phone: Email:
Dean/Academic Advisor Name:   Dean/Academic Advisor Title:Dean/Academic Advisor SchoolName:Dean/Academic Advisor Phone:Dean/Academic Advisor Email:

In addition, if you have any written references, please copy and paste them in the space below:

English Fluency
It is important that interns have a solid command of the English Language. Please rate your level of fluency for English and other languages you speak:

Level of Fluency: 1 Poor, 2 Medium, 3 Good, 4 Excellent



Please check all areas of expertise, talents and resources that you feel you can contribute to ATW.

Accounting/BookkeepingMarketing/Public RelationsArchival
Office SkillsCarpentryPhotography
Videography - Filming/Editing Computer SkillsResearch
Contractor/ElectricianFundraising Manager
TranscriptionGrant WritingGraphic Design
Production TechArchival

Other Please specify :

Cover Letter

Please copy and paste your cover letter here. In your cover letter please expand on your background, any talents, skills and resources that you feel could contribute to the management and mission of ATW and why you would like to be considered for an internship position at ATW.

Please copy and paste your resume here :

Please submit a professional headshot or clear digital photo of yourself (must be 200MB or under):

Please list your websites here. These websites should give examples that show your talents in web design, graphic design, photography, video, or any area that will give us insight as to who you are professionally and personally:

Are you a US Citizen? If not, what country(s) are you a citizen and what is your legal status in the US?

As an International applicant you must secure a DS-2019 form from the Visa Sponsor Organization. You need the DS-2019 form in order to get a J1 visa with the US Embassy. You must understand that you will not receive final approval for your traineeship from ATW until you have completed the following steps:

1. Acquired the DS-2019 form from the Visa Sponsor Organization
2. Acquired a J-1 Visa from the Embassy
3. Acquired housing in the New York area and provided us with a NY address

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or do you have any outstanding convictions?If so, please explain below.

Housing arrangements
It is the responsibility of the intern to make housing arrangements. We do not provide housing. If you have arranged housing, please indicate below. Be specific. If you have not or are in the process of finding housing please indicate below. Be specific. For example, "searching online, staying with family/friend, acquired rental in Manhattan". If housing has been acquired please give complete address and phone number. As we depend heavily on email for our daily communications, it will be necessary to have internet access where you live. If you do not, please see our LINKS section to sign up for free internet access for New York area residents.

Financial Arrangements
In order to be considered for an internship at ATW, Interns must have secure financial arrangements. We estimate that approximately $1,000 to $2,000 per month are required to meet your housing, commuting and living expenses in the New York City area. Please indicate how you will provide these resources, i.e. savings, grants, family. Please be specific. If you do not have financial arrangements made, please indicate this below. Let us know how you plan to potentially meet this requirement. Since this is an intensive full-time internship, outside jobs or long extensive classes are not permitted. To be granted an extension to this policy, you must submit a formal request with detailed circumstances in the provided box below.

Important Note for International Students:

Due to new restrictions from Homeland Security, as an international applicant, it is important to start your visa research process immediately because our traineeship positions are provided on a first come first serve basis. We cannot give final confirmation for an internship until a Visa and US residency is secured. Please refer to our website for a list of Visa Sponsor Organizations that we recommend.

Essay Questions

In preparation for the interview, and so we may begin to get to know you, please answer the following essay questions.These questions are meant to challenge you creatively and to address some of the issues that unfold in any creative work environment.

What long-term processes have you previously been committed to outside of your professional responsibilities? Please describe the challenges you encountered and how you met those challenges.

What is your ideal in life? What do you want to accomplish? What is it about this opportunity that you imagine will contribute to that ideal?

What qualities in yourself do you want to develop, and are you willing to go beyond what you perceive to be your limitations?

Are you prepared to open up to new discoveries and possibilities about yourself and the world? Are you ready to give yourself time to develop these possibilities and to commit to a process of learning?

Additional Considerations

Please indicate any special concerns that you would like to communicate to us.

How did you hear about us?(If on-line, please specify the website) (required)

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