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Internship Program: ATW’s Internship Program provides young people with education in non-profit theatre administration, programming and production. The program is open to college undergraduates and recent graduates with a career interest in non-profit arts management, and individuals who are considering a career change into the non-profit arena.

Our program will provide you with the remarkable opportunity to explore and discover how you can best contribute your unique potential to create tangible change in your life and the world, and to make a meaningful commitment to our shared community through a variety of award-winning programs operated by ATW.

The program begins with a one to two week training program in theatre operations and enriched by reading essays written by ATW’s Artistic Director and Founder Thurman E. Scott, and viewing video tape documentaries of past programs and productions. The training period allows interns to learn about ATW’s core mission and creative philosophy while gaining hands on knowledge of its operations. Interns are then assigned responsibility for focus areas within theatre administration, programming and production.

In addition to their hands-on work at the theatre, interns have the opportunity to develop creatively by participating in meetings, planning sessions and discussions led by Mr. Scott. ATW’s goal for the internship program is to provide motivated individuals with the requisite skills to operate and manage non-profit arts organizations, become integrated into New York’s cultural community, and develop skills that will serve them in their long term careers.

We understand that as young people go through their process of development they try to put their philosophy and idealism into actions that will launch them into the future. Therefore we designed our internship program to provide young people with tangible experiences and actions that will support their idealism and vision of the future, and help them to reach beyond their immediate confines to achieve their dreams.

We believe that individuals should fully utilize their abilities as they fulfill their job responsibilities. In the process, they must feel inspired, challenged and have plenty of room to make mistakes. Our program gives interns the opportunity to be challenged and sometimes-even deal with situations that make them feel uncomfortable; this is valuable because it forces them to think creatively and begin to utilize their own uniqueness. As they gain comfort with their creative insights and intelligence the interns gain a foundation of self-assurance and aggressiveness that will allow them to pursue their chosen career or direction in life with clarity and confidence.

Program Requirements:

  • International intern applicants are required to independently obtain a visa that allows them to live legally in the U.S. for the entirety of their internship.
  • All full-time intern applicants are expected to work five days per week with two days off.
    The two days off may vary week to week based on ATW’s weekly schedule.
  • All full-time intern applicants are expected to work 40+ hours per week including days, evenings or a combination of both. As an active theatre, ATW’s hours of operation are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and sometimes later in order to accommodate productions and events.

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