Other Ways you can Help


I met lovely and kind people at ATW.
I think this program changed me.

Dorothy Li two years
after she returned to China.

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The Many Different Ways
You can help homeless children
At The Actors Theatre Workshop

Whether you have an hour, a week or a month, you can make a profound impact!

Volunteer your special skills: No one has your DNA. No one has your special, unique gifts.

  • Are you a writer? A social media expert? A photographer?
  • Do you have a gift of creating connections between people and organizations?
  • Are you a videographer or editor? Do you design beautiful flyers and websites?
  • Do you know journalists who may want to tell ATW’s many powerful stories?
  • Do you like to manage people and projects?
  • What is your special gift?

There is a place for you at ATW! Please complete our Volunteer Application so we can get to know you! We’ll immediately follow-up and invite you to one of our Info Sessions!

Would your company like to partner with ATW?

  • Help us meet Corporate Sponsors . . . so we can serve more children.
  • Be the bridge between the for-profit and non-profit communities!
  • Please contact us to let us know how you can help!

Make a Financial Contribution:

  • Make a charitable, tax-deductible donation and help us deliver our children’s program.

Do you know a chef, restaurant owner or food service professional?

Spread the Word

The most profound longing of human beings – – our primal drive – – is to integrate our mission and action in life. We want to do what we dream about, be happy and prosper. Most of all, we long to contribute something relevant to our families and the broader community. Through service and contributing the best of what you have to offer to an individual or situation, you give something of yourself that is lasting, thereby extending your essence in the world.

Thurman E. Scott

The Actors Theatre Workshop is an award-winning non-profit theatre and educational institution founded in 1990 by Thurman E. Scott.
We help people from all walks of life achieve their potential through drama and education.

The Actors Theatre Workshop is partially funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.