Creative Expression Workshop
Ten Session Intensive

Study with Master teacher of acting and creative process Thurman E. Scott in the Creative Expression Ten-Session Intensive, a creative expression acting workshop designed for people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

This class will introduce you to the process of how to reveal your creative potential and enhance all of the different areas of your everyday life – – your job, relationships, ability to articulate new ideas – – and your intuitive, inspirational and philosophical view of life.

Please complete our online application to be considered for the class

Our Students: You may be a business executive seeking new ideas to increase productivity. Or an educator trying to answer the challenging questions you confront each day by accessing your untapped intuitive, creative insights. Or an actor who hasn’t yet met a teacher with the understanding, talent and commitment to see who you are and guide you toward the expression and fulfillment of your creative vision that has been held deep in your heart.

Our Teacher: Thurman E. Scott is the Artistic Director and Founder of the award-winning nonprofit Actors Theatre Workshop. Stella Adler said, “Thurman E. Scott is the inheritor of the Stanislavsky legacy and of my legacy. He advances acting technique for the next generation.”

Mr. Scott’s many years of study and professional experience as a teacher, actor and director creates a surrounding in which students can feel secure. This creative environment allows students to experience their individuality, make effective powerful choices, express new ideas, and begin the process of fulfilling their creative potential.

Why Take This Class: Everyone longs to create. But often we question whether we can create. Similarly, every person who thinks about growth questions whether she or he actually can grow.

The Creative Expression Workshop will introduce you – through the metaphor of acting – to the process of how to reveal your creative potential and enhance all of the different areas of your everyday life. It is an opportunity for you to address some of the longings, dreams, aspirations and wonder you have about one of your great, untapped resources – – your creative potential.

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Applying to The Creative Expression Workshop:

To be considered for the class please complete our online application. We will then contact you to arrange for an interview.

Tuition for the class is $1,000. Classes are held in ATW’s intimate, professional theater facility at 145 West 28th Street.

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