The Creative Power Of The Word

by Thurman E. Scott


The creative process of our acting and writing technique was conceived, practiced and struggled through for many years of success and failure. It was born in a dimly lit studio where inspiration vibrated in the shadows and hollowness, where young minds hungered for this expression of new beginnings and where the instrument of expression awaited new forms and new enthusiasm. We worked and struggled until the wee hours of dawn. In time, there came bursting forth out of loneliness and isolation the gladness of new acceptance for the magnificent legacy of our struggle to find new expression.

Our experience has proven to us that the power of the written word is limitless. We have witnessed the courtship of the word and numerous expressions in the consciousness of an individual. The written word awakens dormant possibilities in the human consciousness. Within these possibilities live beginning stirrings of images, conflicts and interference of the accepted norm. We need words to invade the accepted consciousness of form. We need new expression in order to allow enthusiasm to have its full voice. Enthusiasm without a place to hear its vibration creates in individuals desolation and a stymied creative flow. New words and new ideas inspire in individuals the full range of inspiration that soars beyond the boundaries of limitation.

With this understanding of the power of words and images, we can see that the feelings of isolation and loneliness where creative spirit lies dormant are as dry as a well in the center of a desert. With the powerful creative images of our primal essence articulated in the written word we can create a well spring of new expression. Words are the tools that build trust, faith and spiritual development.

Our understanding of the power of the word was gained through many years of struggle and with the spiritual insight and wisdom one learns through failure. We dedicated ourselves to the creation of new images and words. The glowing ember of understanding this power is deeply and primally embedded into the consciousness of our group. It ignited within us the burning ambition to find a home for the new born babe that expressed itself in the images, words and actions of our play. We relentlessly searched for the space where we would take our creative stand in the world. We discovered our right place and we took our space. We constructed our theatre with the same enthusiastic revolutionary commitment that had brought the babe into the world. This is the energy, commitment, discipline and responsibility that is the foundation of Thurman E. Scott.