The 2017 BNW Program Philosophy by Thurman Scott

The nature of living up to the ideal of democracy will teach us the center of how to live in America. The core essence of our democracy, if studied and listened to, gives us a clear foundation of how to exercise our rights. The framers gave us a path to follow. Each generation’s responsibility is to live up to the ideals of what was first set down in the Constitution. We are lucky and blessed to have this democratic way of living, because the underlying ideals of our democracy represent a profound gift. If followed, they will move us closer to a clear and profound interpretation of what was first set down by the framers.

Put simply, the Constitution says each individual has inalienable rights. We must fight and protest in order to keep those rights; doing so is protected by the Constitution. What the framers created was a powerful path to follow. If each generation commits themselves to that path, we’ll move closer to bringing this experiment together. When we see this powerful beacon of hope and faith enshrined in the sacred document, we’ll know we’re living up to our potential. Society will celebrate its togetherness and this magnificent vision. We’ll be able to come together with an expression of faith, hope and understanding of human difference. And by understanding difference, fear will drop away and we will truly have lived up to the great ideal first set down over 200 years ago.