The Power of Dreaming

By Thurman E. Scott


Why Dream?

When you dream you open up to a new world of ideas and possibilities. Your new insights will inspire and reveal to you your greater self, and make you want to challenge and open up new frontiers that will serve both you and humanity. The first step towards any action is to dream about what it could be. So when you want to build anything — whether it is putting up buildings, conquering situations that are out of control, inventing new concepts, expanding productivity, developing personal and individual relationships, building a more just and inclusive democracy — the first step will always be to dream.

Dreams are that primal sustenance that keep us alive. Dreams make us dissatisfied with the status quo in a positive, inspirational, motivating way. Humans’ natural thrust is to move ahead. When we stop moving, we stop dreaming. If we don’t dream about tomorrow, we will find ourselves depleted of enthusiasm and locked into boring and outdated repetition that no longer inspires us to continue developing our potential. Then when we are challenged to confront the issues and situations that come with life’s movement, we don’t have the tools and the inspirational fortitude to confront the struggles that we encounter on our journey.

Human beings that don’t dream, and are not confronted with the big challenges necessary to move their respective societies forward, will find themselves settling for the mundaneness of life. Individuals and the collective consciousness often lose their way and find themselves grappling with small, subjective human behavior. This makes them deny the ideal of who they are and stops them from committing themselves to fulfilling whatever responsibilities are placed in their care.

Our society is held together by a shared history and traditions that have made us a beacon of hope all around the world. If we keep dreaming we will also keep moving, and find the highest expression of this legacy. Our strength of nature, acceptance, and ultimately our pioneering spirit must be reawakened as we become a more just and inclusive society. This means allowing different cultures, ideals and new traditions to be introduced into our everyday lives. We will expand and move ahead using all of our strength, uniqueness, and individuality, focused together into a powerful, collective ideal that represents the hopes and aspirations of all of our citizens.

So we must dream — because dreams create abundance.

Incorporating the old and the new…

In America and around the world today we are in the process of redefining our family structures, our relationships — even our way of life. In this process of movement we have a mixture of different dreams. The convergence of these different visions within a democracy creates a struggle of people going in many different directions. In order for the old and the new to converge, we need patience and the acceptance of difference. This allows trust to develop as we start to redefine our traditions. The vision of our family structures and communities contains images of the old and the new, which is good. By having patience with things we don’t always understand and going through a process where we highlight our similarities, we will usually overcome our differences.

As we travel on this soulful and spiritual journey of reevaluation, it is of paramount importance that we honor the foundation of our traditional family structures. We must also understand that there is plenty of room for new ideals, and that we do not have to give up the past to incorporate the new. As we reestablish the power and confidence of the old traditions that serve us, we will become more enlightened, which will enable us to accept new, emerging structures into our lives. Difference is very powerful — we each bring to the table our own set of unique experiences that we share with one another as we accept the awakening dawn of tomorrow.

America is struggling through our conflicts and becoming stronger

We worship, live and practice our beliefs in many different ways, but the foundation of our existence will always be our spirit. As we think of the coming year and reexamine the various conflicts America is now struggling through, we must remember that going through these struggles will make us stronger and more unified. Every few decades we as human beings arrive at a crossroads where we reassess our existence. Historically, this reexamination has always highlighted more of the essence of who we really are as a people, and in this journey our spirits become even stronger.

In the West, we often say that our actions are based on materialism and that the East is more defined by spirit. In reality, America, in its restless youth, is on a spiritual journey, striving to find a more enriching liberty and voice. We constantly live in the consciousness of revolution because our natural inclination is to forge ahead toward a more perfect union. Because of our dissatisfaction with the status quo, we are always redefining ourselves and growing, which is a good thing. So, when you confront what appears to be a material struggle, know that often you are growing spiritually.

Sometimes Americans judge ourselves as we struggle to achieve material success, because we fear that we won’t be able to uphold the ethics we were raised with and that supported those who came before us. The nature of moving ahead is complex. We are constantly being confronted with choices, compromises, and decisions that do not pan out the way we had hoped — and in those moments we often feel we have compromised our ethics. This is why we must have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and for one another.

A Spiritual Revolution in America and around the World

We live in a time when nations all over the world are throwing off long-borne, heavy yokes of oppression. This process of economic, political, social and religious upheaval is challenging our ideals and our ethics — we all want positive change but we also fear how change will affect our lives. Some of us struggle with the question, “Can we have change without giving up our special place in society?” Others are saying “I would like to have some of what you have.”

The earth itself is crying out for an inclusive movement of its entire people so that we may address these great challenges of the 21st century. As nations evolve and struggle to establish democratic systems that fulfill their particular ideals and cultures, their new systems may look different than what we practice in America. For example, many countries do not choose to separate church and state. But hopefully, these new democratic structures will bring justice and equality.

These great changes can make us lose faith in the leadership that once gave the world a sense of order. We see cracks beginning to form. We fear that this process, while exciting and new, could lead us towards chaos. If that happens and form is broken, our way of life will be threatened. Because of this, a new perception is developing — where will the nations of the world look for leadership and for an example? Who will lead? Who will put the broken form back together? The world needs an image that it can look up to and see, an image that will guide it back to a sense of wholeness, order, productivity and tranquility.

For many years the world has looked to America as the great example of the life everyone longs for. If there is an upheaval in America, what image will the nations of the world hold up to help define their new structures so they can best govern their people? The great changes going on in the world, from the Arab Spring, to the Occupy Movement, to the Tea Party Movement all represent the voices of change. This change is good if the different movements recognize that we all must live on this planet together. The nature of us living together means we must be willing to learn about one another’s needs and traditions. We must be willing to accept that there is enough to go around. This will enable us to compromise and allow everyone to have a piece of the pie.

So at a time when traditions and systems are coming apart and America is also in a process of redefining its dreams and ideals the question becomes whether big brother America will continue to be the blessed, safe, productive, innovative society that the emerging nations of change will look to as their image and beacon of hope? Will America continue to be the foundation and offer a steady hand that can steer ships from other lands to safe harbors?

The change that the world and America are going through is a spiritual change. In this process America is cleansing itself, redefining many of its traditional beliefs and bringing together the many dimensions of what makes up America as we fulfill the tenets of the Constitution. This is America’s spiritual revolution.

Democracy flourishes in times of dissatisfaction, which also reflects our dissatisfaction with our own human existence. By redefining and enriching the foundation and ethics of our individual existence, our ideals become more focused and sharpened, and in turn begin to reflect all of our people. We are a blessed, constantly changing, creative and spiritually challenged people. Despite whatever darkness we may be going through, if we continue to speak up and challenge ourselves, our spirits will be awakened and our actions will be inspired. The trials and tribulations that we encounter will only be temporary because we are a people on the move.

How does Spirit operate?

Spirit is universal and eternal. It has nothing to do with ethics or morality. Spirit is strengthened through our fight to maintain our purity. Since the beginning of time, human kind has recognized that darkness and light exist in the world and we have relied on the foundation of our ethics to help us maintain the original purity of our birth. Because we humans are both flesh and spirit, we will always struggle between lightness and darkness. Our flesh has memory and needs which create duality. At times we are afraid that the needs of our flesh will overpower our reason, that we will become so enthralled with satisfying our flesh that we will be lost.

We must understand that by simply going through the struggle we will strengthen our spirit. For this reason all struggle must be honored. In time, the nectar and essence of the struggle will bring the spirit and the flesh together, which will produce the wisdom of learning that comes from the journey. Then the darkness will be wiped away by the power of our insights, and our compassion to understand the complexity of the human journey. This will allow us to accept things we don’t always understand and to have compassion for existence. So, the light will always rule the day.

The journey to a new land and a new life…

The journey of our existence allows for bountiful acceptance. Despite whatever individual struggles we experience, our restless pursuit of change continues, and our confrontation of past and present struggles moves us out of moments of hopelessness and fear. That is a wonderful thing. So, we must struggle to overcome difference, and love our families, friends, communities, and partners.

The journey of those pioneers who came to the New World was born in their struggles and spirits, which inspired them to move through the dark passages of the unknown. In the wee hours of the morning, when their tired limbs, heavy eyelids and hazy vision were touched by the first glimmers of the sun, their brains did not quite believe or accept the images their eyes gazed upon. Out of those times of disbelief, pain, suffering, hardship and the burdens of traveling across the troubling passages of seas’ mystery came wondrous celebration. Travelers threw off their tiredness and rekindled their spirits, and they rejoiced in the awakening of a new day. They beheld the majestic lady with her outreached arms beckoning the forgotten, the lost and the unimportant throw-aways. Out of the burning ashes of hopelessness a new possibility, a new hope, a grand design began. America.

That journey, those ideals, and the ferocious commitment and struggle for change stimulate our spirits and make us revolutionaries forging ahead, fighting to live up to the promised expectation of a more perfect existence of the collective consciousness of America.

Today each of us experiences moments of redefining ourselves. In the process we sometimes feel lost. We must remember we are never lost. It’s just that the vision of our beliefs, the path toward the light, and the clarity of our ideals are not as illuminated as yesterday’s old, outdated structures and beliefs which no longer truly serve us. In truth, within the cloudiness of our struggle, the thing that is most illuminated in our lives is the reawakening of our spirit and the strengthening of our faith.

Faith becomes stronger when you can’t see the light. When you move through darkness faith is your guidepost. It leads you to the celebration of dawn’s light. This is why we must be willing to accept our imperfections and forgive ourselves as we travel through the unknown. Your faith strengthens you to deal with the unknown. Your faith lifts you up so you can look beyond and see the many pathways you can choose as you move into this new place for yourself in the world.

Habits keep us locked in the stocks

We are creatures of habit, and our fear often stops us from venturing into the land of new frontiers. Therefore we don’t develop our trust and faith. Instead, we stay locked within the known, which is the habit. Memory and comfortability cause us to keep redefining the known. The only thing we trust is what we control. As a result we never set out to do anything that will awaken our spirit. Our spirit is strengthened and awakened when the flesh feels bewildered, sometimes lost, and does not know which way to go. Habits and wanting to be comfortable ultimately keep us locked away from our curiosity. If everything is a habit and we are comfortable with everything, then there is nothing we need to know. Our curiosity lies dead and it’s impossible to experience awe and wonderment. We do not feel inspired to reach beyond because the only thing that comforts us is the known.

Because we are creatures of habit, it is extremely important for us to dream. Dreams are a manifestation of the soul’s longings reflected through the many different worlds and journeys of its existence. The soul does not have the window of eyes or voice with which to influence and guide the flesh. So our dreams and imaginations become the passageways for the soul to express itself through images, sounds, and vibrations. The soul’s journey — collective experience and longings — restless needs — echoing sounds — knowledge — great silent depths that come from its eternal, universal travels — ultimately leads to truth. Dreaming and developing the imagination are vehicles to allow the soul to have its profoundly complex expression in the world of the flesh. So dreams and imagination are the soul’s passageway towards its ever unfolding, universal eternal truth.

Dreams change our relationships

There are joys and sometimes pitfalls in close relationships. When you are close and accepted by your friends that is a good thing. But often their acceptance and closeness is based upon you being a particular way and maintaining a certain image. This is what they celebrate. If you speak about things that are different from the norm, or tell them your dreams that are outside the image of that particular relationship, very often your close friends will say “That doesn’t sound like you” or “Why would you be thinking about that?” or “I can’t identify with you having those thoughts.” We humans are often most comfortable supporting those images and ideas that we are accustomed to. It is important for us to know that just because we are close to someone, it doesn’t mean that we know all of the thoughts, ideas or dormant dreams they may have.

In fact, a lot of times we don’t understand our friends, families, and loved ones. We can’t identify with their yearning for something new, or their longing to redefine themselves. In those moments we should not feel that our loved one is abandoning or moving away from us. We need to have faith that wherever their dreams may take them, we will still be loved. If we believe that, we will encourage our loved ones to dream because we know dreams will never be our enemy.

Dreams represent change — they redefine the person who is dreaming and sometimes redefine the people who they are close to. When we dream we align ourselves with what is natural. Regardless of how powerless we seem to be, how underachieving we have been in the past, how apologetic we may feel about our existence, how undistinguished we are, or with what little esteem we’re held in our communities, everyone has the power to dream. And dreams are the first step toward change.

When a person confronts defeat or the devastation of what could be considered failure — when your constructed image and place within society falls apart, and your stature is diminished — in time, your spirit will feel the impulse to rise up, and you will begin to dream. This is because the flesh can be conquered, but the spirit cannot. The spirit is not definable, and dreams come from that which is not defined.

All Journeys begin with a Dream

Remember: all journeys start with a dream, whatever that dream may be. People on far-away continents dreaming of other lands; storytelling sailors who searched the seas and by accident hit upon undiscovered islands and new countries, and came back to tell the stories of their new discoveries; humans looking up into the deep blue-black night sky dreaming of those far-off places that exist far, far away in the universe. Or your dream that you might have a different, more fulfilling life. Your dream that you might live up to your true potential, and be willing to take a route that doesn’t bring instant gratification but strengthens your faith so you can get to that place where you can discover who you truly are.

In the process of dreaming, dormant powers that lie un-awakened inside of you are awakened. And you discover the untapped power, resources, and illuminated vision that allow you to finally say, this is who I am. At that moment of acceptance, know what it was that led you to the frontier of this new world and new insights — it was your faith. Your foundation of faith stimulated your dream and strengthened your belief in yourself.


The universe is plentiful. It contains everything we will ever need. We human beings are intricately connected to this all-ness, regardless of whether we practice that belief or not. Dreams open up the pictures and images of this plentitude, and inspire us to start the process for actual change to take place. Although dreams are of the spirit, the essence of dreams is floating in the universe and shows us the potential of what could be. When we are inspired to open ourselves up to new possibilities, our longing to reach beyond the accepted known manifests itself in a way that is specifically right for us. We are inspired by looking at this new possibility, and inspiration gives us the drive to bring our dream into tangible form.

Dreams are the protectors of humanity. They activate our consciousness as individuals. Dreams are also the driving force of our collective consciousness. As long as someone is dreaming, the tenets and structures of our organized society will be safe because individuals, groups and societies will be constantly reinventing, reestablishing, and redefining themselves. And the image, inspiration and ideals of our dream will touch the many people we come in contact with. This will inspire them to ask questions and to break out of the old structures that no longer serve them.

So dreams represent the activation of a universal curiosity that is manifested through your unique, particular history and essence as a human being. Dreams touch the mass consciousness and reaffirm to each individual that we are more than what we see in the present. Dreams are the channel we can use to expand into who we really are, and to fulfill our great, human potential.

Sometimes we dream about new career paths — could we do something that we really love instead of making decisions based upon financial rewards or what others have told us we should do? Sometimes we dream about developing ourselves intellectually and being more successful. Or about having the kind of health that means we’re operating at our best possible level. Sometimes we dream about whether we could ever be happy. We dream about being more creative. And sometimes we dream about growing spiritually and being truly loved.

Our struggle to fulfill our potential

Often when we dream, hopelessness is riding on the track right next to us. It tries to destroy our inspiration. Sometimes hopelessness rears its ugly head because it is threatened by the power of the dream. Hopelessness reaffirms its existence in order to uphold your negative belief about yourself. Which is “I can’t ever be who I want to be. I’ll never achieve my dreams.” When you start to feel the success of your dream, know that the negative voice that has been sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear will become stronger in order to stop you from reaching for this new positive self. When you hear that, and feel the negative patterns become stronger, rest assured that you are on the right track. And remember — in those moments we must forge ahead with all of our strength, discipline, endurance and faith.

We experience constant conflicts between our emotional past and memory; our intellectual, philosophical overview of ourselves and of life; and our vision of who we might be. We’re always in struggle to align ourselves with our past, our present, and our vision of the future. In order to achieve this harmonious discipline we must strive to overcome the pulls of the flesh and place ourselves in the land of the spirit. Spirit and its guidance must transcend the pain of the flesh. And when we find ourselves going down the path of our intuitive, spiritual enlightenment, our faith will become what it was meant to be — which is that place within ourselves that we go to when we surrender to a power greater than ourselves.

We do not always know or understand many of the things that happen on the journey of life. Everything that happens to us is not meant to be understood intellectually. The mysteries of life keep our curiosity awakened and inspire our hope to go beyond the confines of what we know and reach into the unknown. Faith is an eternal beam that allows us to accept the things we don’t always understand or have the power to control. It guides us through the unknown as we accept the inevitability of human powerlessness.

All human beings are born in a state of grace and therefore innocence. This is an epic, eternal gift. To deny this or to live without compassion for self, without forgiveness, hope, or faith is to throw away these great weapons that guide us and support us to feel our spiritual divinity. Otherwise, as we walk down the path of life, it’s as if we are standing naked in the wilderness dragging our uninspired flesh through life like a dead carcass, directionless and without a path, guidance, or a connection to existentially support our reason for living.

Your vision and your dreams develop your potential and fulfill your spirit. If you don’t have a vision and a dream you can feel lost. Because we have an insatiable need to satisfy the flesh; because the flesh and the spirit are always struggling; because the flesh betrays our ethics and ideals and we imperfect human beings make mistakes — for these reasons we must have the weapons of compassion for and forgiveness of ourselves. With these fortifications we will be able to continue the journey. As we move down the path we will gain different insights, and the wisdom of our experience will tell us that we are always forgivable. So always love and have compassion for yourself. Know that the world needs your matchless individuality. Your DNA is different than anyone else’s in the world. Your essence is sacred and what you have to offer will always be unique.

The struggle between darkness and light

It is important to keep moving and putting one foot in front of the other. But we are often slowed down on our journey because of our struggle between darkness and light. We have free will and the power to choose. At times we are drawn to darkness because of undisciplined, insatiable longings — but we must remember our birth will always have the imprint of purity. As we struggle with the darkness that the flesh sometimes pulls us toward, if we keep moving ahead with compassion and forgiveness of self, in time the darkness will lead us to light.

Because God is light and darkness, and there is no power greater than God, within time light and darkness become one. Wisdom leads us to accept life, as life reveals its complex duality and truth. The flesh is not evil. But what satisfies the flesh is constantly changing. It grows tired of sameness. Since the flesh is always trying to satisfy its tastes it constantly feels off balance. So it reaches for something it doesn’t have in order to regain its equilibrium. This constant, faithless longing for satisfaction will pull you into the abyss if you don’t know yourself, or develop discipline and a set of ideals and ethics.

We have a need for immediate gratification. That is the destructiveness of the flesh — it is immediately impatient with what it has. It just wants to cast this item or that possession aside and go to something new and shiny. The flesh is faithless, undisciplined and is not willing to go through a process. A process will bring you to a deeper level of understanding. With understanding, you may realize what you already have satisfies you. Or, you may make a decision that you truly do need something new. But in either case, by first going through a process your decision will be based on understanding what your true needs are. It is in this context that we say the flesh is constantly struggling with the spirit.

We have made the things that we want into needs. For example, we need food, water, shelter and air. These keep us alive. We want new phones, more tattoos, and white truffles imported from Italy. I want, no I need a new television. I want, no I need to buy a larger car. I need a new apartment. I need a face lift. I need a new wife. I need a new husband. I need a new me. Wants. Needs. It’s all the same thing.

Because of this confusion between needs and wants, we have allowed our needs to transcend our commitments. In reality, commitment should transcend our needs. Commitment gives us the security, freedom and foundation to go into a process to try to understand our needs or the situation. In this process our trust and faith is reinforced. This will help us to address the issues we face on the path of life.

There are times on our journey where we need darkness because the pain of darkness makes us rush to the comforting light. The painful after-effects of imbalance leave us screaming and running, hoping for forgiveness and compassion. And like moths, we are drawn towards the light. Our automatic movement towards the light reveals understanding, love, and acceptance of the duality of nature — and we gain wisdom. It is important that we keep moving because movement allows us to see other images that will distract us from the struggles we are going through. We become engrossed by the complexity and contrariness of human nature. More than that, the immensity and beauty of nature in all its complex imagery captures our attention and lifts us out of whatever struggle we may be in, so that another idea, possibility, or picture may be born in us. And within that journey, life will reveal to us that there are other things that may be bigger or more important than our initial set-back.

How society deals with darkness

The state has established rules and laws to govern our behavior. Society uses these laws to curtail acts of darkness. There have been many different forms and styles of punishment over the course of biblical, classical and contemporary history. Sometimes we are told to pay fines. Sometimes we are sentenced to prison. At other times our acts are so extreme that the law demands the perpetrator forfeit his or her life.

Our laws have been put in place because of undisciplined or corrupted behavior. This is society’s response to the complex duality of human nature and behavior — the eternal struggle between the spirit and the flesh. But these laws are man’s laws. In reality, the struggle between the spirit and the flesh is governed by a different, higher set of laws that are outside of man’s mandate.

God, Yahweh, Allah, the universe, nature — or whatever name you use or don’t use to practice your particular positive belief — governs us through an eternal law that ultimately takes into account whatever struggle you may go through that helps you to reach your spiritual divinity. God is freedom and God gave humans free will. But if you make a choice that violates the sanctity of another human being you will create a destructive spiritual causation within yourself that you will ultimately have to rectify. Therefore, the light and the darkness that is intermixed within our every day behavior demands that we have clarity of thought, action, and consciousness so we can continue our journey to our spiritual development.

Free Will and Extremism

Free will, which allows us to make a choice, is a gift. But free will can be a curse. When free will is used without discipline, and to practice destructive, unclear behavior, we create the potential for our own demise. Our choices must be rooted in clarity and discipline and in alignment with our consciousness and ethics. That is why the teachings of moderation and balance have always been upheld and are the mainstay of most societies through recorded time.

Extremism of any form will ultimately impede upon the tranquility of others — because it takes more than the nature of what is needed. Extremism does whatever it can to maintain the purity of its cause. So eventually it extends its reach into other people’s spheres. This almost always creates an avalanche of reaction that often destroys the extremism. Thus the reaction itself hopefully brings everything back into balance.

The Universe is a playground towards enlightenment

The universe, which embodies all-ness and the mystery of God’s divine plan, is given to us as a gift, a physicalized manifestation of God’s eternal, grand design. The universe inspires in us a vast, eternal curiosity about the complex possibility of our existence. In the process of confronting this great mystery our human existence re-engages itself — and we are inspired to develop the many possibilities that exist within our human consciousness so we can fulfill God’s great design and plan for us, his children.

In other words, the universe is a playground. It keeps us engaged. It demands that we reach beyond our accepted limitations towards infinity. This gives us an action — something we can do — as we strive to fulfill God’s intention. The universe is so immense that you can never, ever exhaust the potential of this curious playground. Its ever-unfolding mystery is the manifestation of God’s love for his creation.

The core of our journey is to raise consciousness. The universe was created to give us something we can’t solve — and this keeps us engaged and alive. When we encounter things we can’t solve we constantly work at them and thus we become more enlightened. We are challenged to go beyond, when otherwise we would probably think we should stop. This is why the more you know, the more you realize how little you know. You see that the universe is like a puzzle you can’t solve. But you try to solve it because this helps you to develop. That is why we say the universe is a playground.

When we feel pain, when we are bewildered or confused, when we celebrate, or when we struggle to find out something we don’t know we all share a particular physical behavior. We reach for the universe. We reach for something up above us, not down below. The vast, endless universe contains the things we’re searching for, things that are solved, things that are unsolved. But it is all there. The universe is us. We are not separate from it. We reach for things because they are already there.

The universe is creation — it is eternal. The spirit and soul are invisible, because they are eternal. The flesh is finite, and so it is visible. The soul belongs to the creator and goes back to him and the flesh goes back to the earth. We have not yet reached the level of spiritual enlightenment that we are able to see truly sacred things — because if we saw them, in our human contrariness we would try to change them in some way. Or we would stop the journey and not forge ahead.

Ultimately, everything is set up to keep us moving forward. God understands that each individual has a unique potential and reason for existence.

We are meant for big challenges

The teachings and tenets that were set down in America’s pioneering and illuminating Constitution, and that were manifest in our way of life, have set the world ablaze. These ideals fill all of us up with curiosity which alights our vision to see through the darkness to what might be. Our dreams express our vision and show us the path to the tangibility of that reality.

We are experiencing a time of great change in America and the world. And so we are in a process of redefining the traditions and institutions that have been the foundation of our societies. We are the recipients of the collective essence of the pioneers who led the way. We have the gift of tradition, tried and proven results, the legacy of spirit, and an epic need for national reawakenings. We know how to do it. The time is now. The need is bigger than our individual perceptions of our personal realities. Our mettle has endured the struggle of time and the cause is bigger than any one person or group. The torch has been passed to us. Not only does our land in its need demand this of us, the world demands it of us.

We are meant for big challenges. What we’ve overcome has made us gladiators that can meet that expectation — and the people of the world expect that vision and dream to be fulfilled. In each of our hearts we know that ultimately we will meet the challenge and fulfill the legacy. It is important that we not wait for a leader or statesman to reawaken this essence that lies in our hearts. That prophet, that disciple, that person, that avatar, that president may never appear. We must allow our heroism and sheroism to exist within each one of us. So we become not a nation that is waiting to be led, but a nation that reawakens in ourselves that leadership and pioneering spirit. Therefore we reconnect ourselves to the power of the revolution that is inside of us. With this commitment and mission and vision of the future together we will bountifully accept the clarion call and we will move the unmovable. We will be who we were meant to be.

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