The Story of Jennifer

by: Jovana Beaulieu


This is the story of Jennifer.  She lives in the Rainbow House with all kinds of shapes and sizes. It has rainbow colors. You can always spot the Color House from anywhere.

She lives in a colorful community. It has lots of houses and stores. Over 2,000,000 people live in the community. The community is called Color World. The people in the community work and help out.

Jennifer lives in the Rainbow house with her family. Flowers are in every room.  The windows on top of the house are to provide sunlight for the flowers.

Everyone who lives in the house must wear rainbow clothing.  If you come to the house not wearing rainbow clothes the rainbow house will magically change your clothes to rainbow colors. When you leave the house your clothes change back.

Jennifer was dreaming about being a teacher and she didn’t know what she wanted to teach.  She decided to be a love teacher.  Love is an important part of a friendship and a family.  It lets us help other people.  When I feel love and encouragement, then I can help others feel that way too.

She travels around the world.  She puts up flyers that say “If you want to love someone, come see Miss Jennifer and she’ll teach you how to love.”

Jennifer teaches the whole world about love.

She learns all the languages of the world and teaches mean people to love.

When she sees a person who needs love, someone who is poor and alone,

She hugs them, kisses them, gives them shelter and food and love and cleans them.

That person she helped, then goes out and helps someone else.  That person shares and spreads the love.  And it just continues.

This city became a model for other communities.  And Miss Jennifer went to other towns and taught the people about love.

This world is made up of many different colors.  When you look at the sky you can see that it is all different colors intermixed.  When you have many colors together you have a rainbow, a new color – the color of the new millennium.

When you look at the Rainbow house you see squares inside of squares, inside of squares.  Each one leading to another square.  This is like the layers of color and layers of emotions that you find in people.  There is a big gray square on the side of the house.  Grey is for mean and ugly emotions.  But even in the gray square if you look inside down deep you will find a red center just like a heart.  So the lesson to learn is that even when you see a big gray box or a mean person – if you look deep down inside, you will find their heart where love lives.

Once there was a house in this same exact spot and it caught on fire but the fire department didn’t make it on time.  So the house blew up and it was very, very, very colorful.  Then all the colors that were on the house blew into the street.  Once they cleared away all the debris, the street was full of colors.  All the people were amazed and the children were very happy.  Now they call this Color Street.  Every time someone walks on this street or drives on it they turn into a different color.  Whatever color they step on is the color they become.

Once everything was cleaned up it was a very beautiful place where the sun was not afraid to come out, because everything had changed.  Also, because Jennifer was here now!

Then they built a new house where the old one used to be.  It was also made of colors.  One night the new house caught on fire and Jennifer’s mother called the fire department.  This time the fire department made it on time and saved the house.  But everybody knew that if the house had blown up the street would have been purple and green and blue and red and pink and orange.  You can see Jennifer’s sister Johanna at the window.

Overall:  A foundation of essence the sun expands inward and outside feeling of something arching over everything mother is hanging over everything

Mother’s love

She smiles

Spirit of mother

The love of mother overhanging and all encompassing mother’s love is a consciousness

Its not woman or man.

This is a strong spirit

The birth of mother’s love all incomprehensible, eternal compassionate

Sun is everywhere-it touches everything

It moves out and in -> it heals everything

With the healing consciousness you can achieve the impossible

-a feeling inside of her she wants to teach the world about.

-feel this glowing feeling

-She’s beyond this life-time -> it’s a spirit

-writing about the ideal to achieve with love

With love and encouragement you can achieve happiness and peace.