Community Programs

Builders of the New World Volunteer Training 2017 Program

In this short video from our Volunteer Trainings, you will see the spirit of our community program, which brings together a diverse group of mentors. You will see how their involvement in this community program has a profound impact on their own lives and in the lives of the homeless children they work with in the Builders of the New World.

Everything Starts with IMAGINATION

Watch homeless children celebrate the 2014 holidays and express their dreams for the future.


This is a wonderful video that in two short minutes expresses the essence of the life lessons ATW imparts to homeless children like 11 year old N-Dia who is featured here.

ATW – Step by Step… Starting Now

In this two-minute video Artistic Director Thurman E. Scott teaches his students that they have to take tangible action steps today to accomplish their vision for the future.

ATW – Leading in the Present

ATW teaches people from all walks of life how to be leaders – – in this two minute video you’ll see homeless children, Israeli and Palestinian young people, and teens and adults from different socio-economic backgrounds being inspired to fulfill their potential.

Builders of the New World – Developing a Vision of Success

Witness homeless children learning powerful tools for their future success.

PROVEN RESULTS of our Community Programs for Children Ten Years Later

Watch this video of children who return to ATW 10 years later expressing how their studies at ATW profoundly changed their lives.

MESSAGES OF HOPE: The Children Present their Visions of the Future

This video demonstrates the truly impressive results ATW achieves with the 8-13 year old homeless children we serve.

Studio and Theater Rentals

Actors Theatre Workshop Rental Tour

We invite and graciously welcome you to take a tour of our beautiful, spacious, comfortable and clean theatre/studio complex!

ATW’S Work Around The World

Using the dramatic, creative process to confront the issues and bring change

ATW’s innovative drama program uses theatre to change Israelis’ and Palestinians’ perceptions of themselves, each other, and the conflict – – thus supporting peace and justice for all.

Scott Acting Conservatory

Inside the Acting Conservatory

Watch professional theatre and film artists achieve powerful results in the Scott Conservatory.